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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TECHNICOLOR INDIA Inaugurates KRIYA Series VII (3-12-2010)

The TECHNICOLOUR INDIA Lighting Supervisor- Mr Siva Raman & Manager- Out reach & Development - Mrs Archana Krishnamurthy had been with us at the Manipal University Bangalore Campus, Animation Dept. for Workshop | Interactions | Career Guidance and Inaugurated the KRIYA Series seventh Portfolio Exhibition.

The Industry guests commented-

"Wonderful art works...keep up the great job"

"Mind blowing. Lot of unique styles. Keep it up..."

"You all have the best mentors and a great faculty team here...makes the most of them..."
- In the address to the students of the Dept.

The guest had interacted with most of the students individually for discussions and guidance on their portfolios and students were very enthusiased and were encouraged, and as a token of respect gifted both guests a surprise of their own portraits illustrated by Vikram K R, III sem.
The Exhibition will be open for the whole of this December Month. All are cordially invited.