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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Xentrixs Studio, Bangalore, Inida had visited to our member student's college campus for the placement and career advise, students felt very fortunate to directly interact with such senior pioneers of the animation industry, and were very confident after their personal interviews. The team also went through all of the student's portfolio works and concluded with a surprise list of selected names. Many were placed and further invited for training to the studio itself immediately.
The representation was precided by the lead head of Xentrix himself - Mr.Virendra Patil, one amoungst the pioneer, senior experts of the animation industry of India with his team members Dipesh and Subhas who are also very senior 3D artists of this Industry. Congratulation to all our KRIYA memebers. Wishing the best. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Our Mentor and our most supportive  KRIYA Member, Mr. Siva K, had participated and volunteered in the SIGGRAPH - ASIA 2010, DEC, at SEOUL –SOUTH KOREA. He had represented us and had showcased a humble personal presentation to the international Participants and Artists and had made our presence felt on the global platform for the first time, receiving loads of appreciation. We the KRIYA CORE members are proud of having our presence in the International Animation Fraternity and Conference and would cherish this moment for ever.

We are soon having an independent exhibition to recreate and carry forward our steps on the international platform, and thus would like to welcome all the aspiring artists of the KRIYA fan community to hold hands together in our upcomming Global Ventures. Cheers.